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Starogard Lake District and its attractions

19.03.2017 The Starogard Lake District, although less known than the nearby Kashubian Lake District, can certainly satisfy even the more demanding tourists. It may not be as rich in lakes as Kashubia, but there are about 100 water reservoirs in its area. The largest of the lakes in this area are the Borzechowskie Wielkie and Godziszewskie lakes. The biggest attraction of the Starogard Lake District is connected with Lake Borzechowskie - it is the island of Starościńska with the ruins of a castle that once belonged to the Kociewie starosts. The Starogard Lakeland is an area with little variation when it comes to topography. It is a primarily agricultural landscape, although there are numerous nature reserves here. One of the most valuable places in terms of nature is the island on the Przywidz lake. Starogard Lake District is also associated with towns famous for valuable monuments from the Middle Ages. One of the most important towns here is Pelplin, in which there is an impressive cathedral from the end of the 13th century. Another valuable monument in this part of Poland is the Teutonic castle in Gniew. It is worth visiting the most important of all towns in this lake district - Starogard. It is the capital of Kociewie, where you can still hear the original Kociewie dialect.