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Starogard Lake District and its attractions


The Starogard Lake District, although less known than the nearby Kashubian Lake District, can certainly satisfy even the more demanding tourists. It may not be as rich in lakes as Kashubia, but there are about 100 water reservoirs in its area. The largest of the lakes in this area are the...

Attractions of the Drawskie Lake District


It is part of the West Pomeranian Lake District and at the same time the most famous region in this part of Poland. The Drawskie Lake District, because we are talking about it, is famous for its numerous lakes, the largest of which is Drawsko Lake (the second deepest lake in Poland). Around him is...

Chojna - monuments reborn from rubble


is a beautiful town in West Pomerania, whose entire old town is entered in the register of monuments. To a large extent destroyed, it was carefully rebuilt after the war. Her history perfectly illustrates the paradoxes of history: the monuments that survived the German occupation were destroyed in...