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Drawieński National Park

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The area of ​​the Drawieński National Park and the buffer zone is located on the Drawska Plain, which is a fragment of the South Pomeranian Lake District, in northwestern Poland. It occupies the central part of the forest complex called the Drawska Forest. The DPN represents the landscape of the post-glacial sandr plains. It is entirely located in the Drawa river basin, which, together with its tributary - Płociczna, constitute its main hydrographic axis. Both rivers flow through a wide belt of sanders, which were formed from sands piled up by the waters of the melting glacier flowing down to the Toruń-Eberswald valley. The Drawska Forest, currently a dense forest complex, was 100 years ago a mosaic of forests, pastures and fields. Its today's landscape is largely shaped by traditional economy, especially forestry, and its elements are relics of former human activity. The remains of human settlements and old cemeteries scattered in the forests account for a large share of the entire cultural landscape of the Forest. Currently, the Drawieński National Park is rich in the types of ecosystems found here. The measure of this wealth is the number of 224 documented plant communities. Forests dominate on the surface - they constitute over 80 percent. Park surface - mainly beech, alder and alder forests, as well as patches of pine forests. Peat bogs as well as water and meadow ecosystems are also characteristic elements of the Park's nature. The lakes located in the Drawieński Park area are characterized by considerable variability in trophy, area and depth. Several of them are distinguished by their original fauna and flora. The fauna of the Park is represented by over 200 species of vertebrates, among them the largest group are birds. There is also a wealth of invertebrates among which are particularly valuable species, threatened with extinction. The coat of arms of the Drawieński National Park is the otter.


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