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Iński Landscape Park

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The Iński Landscape Park was created in 1981, it is located in the central part of the Iński Lake District, occupying about 60% of its area together with the buffer zone. The park is not only a geographical center, but above all a natural lake district, accumulating within its boundaries all the elements distinguishing the Ińsko Lake District and proving its great ecological value. The relief of the Ińsko Landscape Park was shaped during the last glaciation. It is characterized by high dynamics and "freshness" of forms. Hills with steep slopes and significant relative heights, wet valleys, occupied by peat bogs and melting ponds, postglacial lake and river gutters create a very diverse system of habitats. This already very complicated mosaic is additionally enriched with a very irregular and extensive course of the field and forest border, which further increases the biodiversity of the area. The natural values ​​of the Ińsko Landscape Park are closely related to water and wetland habitats.


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